Tremec T56 Magnum Manual Transmission 6-Speed 1-1/8", 26 Spline with 2.97:1 Gear Ratio for GM LS Engines, Part #TUET-16885

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This Tremec T56 Magnum Manual Transmission 6-Speed 1 1/8", 26 Spline for LS Engines is truly brand new from the ground up. They can withstand up to 700 ft.-lbs. of torque, with gears featuring substantially increased face widths and 2-piece laser-beam welded construction, allowing for greater control of the tooth angles, pitch, and alignment.

Gear Ratios are as Follows: 2.97, 2.10, 1.46, 1.00, .80, .63

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Additional benefits include:

* Bolstered one-piece countershaft to resist distortion
* Stronger input shaft
* New synchronizers featuring fine tooth angles
* Redesigned shift forks
* An extensively modified transmission case to prevent leaks under high-stress conditions and increase overall power-handling capabilities

1 year unlimited mileage warranty as long as you opted for Carbon Blockers and Bronze Fork Pads during your purchase.