Billet Valley Cover Gen-IV LS, DOD Delete

Tick Performance

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Brighten up your Chevy Gen-IV LS with the Tick Performance Billet Valley cover. CNC-Machined in house from a single piece of aluminum, our billet valley cover offers a superior look, finish, and quality to your build. It arrives with o-ring gaskets pre-installed, so the cover is ready to bolt on. 

DOD Delete:

When upgrading to a Tick Performance cam kit with DOD delete, it’s necessary to replace the valley cover. Our billet valley cover offers o-ring gaskets to seal off each DOD lifter plug and a large o-ring gasket to seal the cover itself. The cover features no previsions for PVC. 


The cover is designed to fit all Gen IV LS engines with and without DOD. 

6061 construction 
100% CNC machined 
100% made in the USA! 
Arrives pre-assembled with hardware 
Kit Includes: 
Billet Valley Cover 
8 DOD O-Ring Gaskets 
1 Oil-Pressure Sensor O-Ring 
1 O-ring Overall Gasket 
11-Piece Stainless-Steel Hardware Kit 

Reused Parts: 


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    "Thor's Hammer Meets LS Power: A Norse God's Review of the Tick Performance Billet Valley Cover Gen-IV LS, DoD Delete"

    Posted by Jim Rob on 5th Feb 2024

    Hark, fellow warriors of the road! 'Tis I, Odin's favorite son, Thor, here to regale thee with a tale of mechanical marvels that would make even Mjölnir blush with envy. Behold, the Tick Performance Billet Valley Cover Gen-IV LS, DoD Delete – a creation so divine it could rival the craftsmanship of the gods themselves! As I ventured forth into the realm of horsepower, I sought a solution worthy of my thunderous LS engine. Lo and behold, the Billet Valley Cover did not disappoint! Crafted with the precision of dwarven smiths and the strength of the Midgard Serpent, this marvel of modern engineering banished the dreaded DoD system to the fiery pits of Muspelheim, unleashing the full fury of my V8 might! Installation was smoother than a voyage on Sleipnir's back, thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship and clear instructions provided by the folks at Tick Performance. In mere moments, my chariot was transformed into a roaring beast, ready to conquer the asphalt with the ferocity of Fenrir himself! But lo, 'tis not merely in performance that this Billet Valley Cover shines – nay, it is a sight to behold! Fashioned from the finest materials this side of Yggdrasil, its gleaming surface reflects the glory of the heavens themselves. As I beheld it, I could almost hear the Valkyries singing praise from above! In conclusion, fellow adventurers, if thou seeketh to awaken the true potential of thy LS engine, look no further than the Tick Performance Billet Valley Cover Gen-IV LS, DoD Delete. Whether thou art a mortal seeking a boost in power or a god among men craving divine performance, this artifact shall not disappoint! Raise thy horn of mead in celebration, for with this mighty upgrade, victory is assured! Thunder and lightning, ho!

  • 5
    Gen 4 rod delete plate

    Posted by James Lambert on 11th Apr 2023

    This is a beautiful piece of art, others have delete plates but this one you can screw up your original sensor with no other parts to purchase. Would recommend this product to anyone before they purchase one from another company, hands down the best.

  • 5
    Excellent fit and finish

    Posted by Casey on 20th Aug 2021

    Machining is amazing. Perfect fit and a solid piece. Love it.

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