Better Clearance, Same Great Product!

Better Clearance, Same Great Product!

We designed a new Dual Fuel Rail Adapter! This new Low Profile Dual Inlet Holley Fuel Rail Adapter improves firewall clearance while providing a cleaner engine bay and saving you money!

Allowing almost 3 inches of clearance compared to a standard O-ring, AN adapter, and 90-degree hose end. It has the added ability to utilize as a crossover! Like our Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapter Kit, the new dual inlet adapter has been tested to handle up to 150psi!

Save money with our Low Profile Dual Inlet Holley Fuel Rail Adapter by running fewer AN fittings and hose ends! This not only cleans up your engine bay but simplifies the process! The kit includes a single pair with necessary items to plumb two fuel rail ends.

Note: Two pairs are required to plumb all sides of the fuel rail.

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  • 2 Hard Anodized Low Profile Dual Inlet Fuel Rail Adapters
  • 4 Slip Fit Dual O-Ring Hard Anodized Fittings
  • 2 Stainless Steel Locking Clips
  • 12 Fluorosilicone O-rings
  • All hardware required to install onto a Holley Dual Fuel Rail

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