Grubbworm Takes On TX2K23!

Grubbworm Takes On TX2K23!

Posted by #TeamTick on 17th Apr 2023

Texas 2K is an annual event held at the Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas. This year marks the last time TK2k will be in Houston. The event brings together some of the fastest and most powerful high-performance cars in the world, including modified street cars, dragsters, and supercars. 

From twin-turbocharged Lamborghinis to nitrous-injected Dodge Vipers, the event draws competitors from all over the country and even from other parts of the world, who are all vying for the title of Texas 2K Champion. Tick Performance's GrubbWorm Camaro was there competing in the Stickshift class. Watch our coverage here:

Jonathan entered the weekend with his old Gen-II LT1-engine, the powertrain that had set multiple records over the last two years. He was excited to lay down a strong pass with the old engine but new chassis updates.

Many in the stickshift class and TeamTick members struggled throughout the weekend. Sean Madden fought multiple issues, ultimately finding himself in the finals making the last pass on seven cylinders.