Tick 2,500HP Air-to-Water Intercooler for Coyote Hi-Ram Intakes

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Introducing our Air-To-Water Intercooler rated up to 2500HP for the Coyote Hi-Ram Intake Manifold. It has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. This intercooler boasts an added overall height of 5.75 inches, the center piece being a robust 4.5-inch thick core, ensuring durability and optimal performance. The core is complemented by a 1.750-inch thick spacer to clear the protruding runners on the Hi-Ram's lower intake manifold.  For a hassle-free installation experience, we've included all the necessary hardware. The product features -16 ORB connections, ensuring seamless integration. One of its standout features is the custom core, which has been expertly maximized for the plenum opening. To guarantee precision and quality, all parts have been CNC machined using the industry's most advanced tools.


  • 2500HP Rating
  • 5.75" overall height added
  • 1.750" thick spacer
  • 4.5" thick Core
  • Includes all necessary hardware (Torque Spec: 70 in/lbs)
  • -16 ORB connections
  • Custom core maximized for the plenum opening
  • All parts CNC machined using the most precise tools available

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